Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Time for a Change

Today I am going to talk about making changes when necessary and know when that time is. If you have ever been in the position where you are getting frustrated with little things that later you regret this guide may help you.

Knowing when to change

The hardest part of knowing when to make a change is being able to take that step back and analyze your current situation. If you don't do this on a regular basis here are some warning signs. You:

  1. Have an extremely short fuse.
  2. Are not moving towards your goals
  3. Don't have goals
  4. Stopped caring
  5. Start loathing doing the things your doing on a daily basis
Something to keep in mind here is if these get extreme it can be a sign of depression.* Don't get depressed, but it may be time to make a change if any of these start to surface. Changing things up will make you feel better, make you more productive and the people around you will start to take notice.

Making the change

Once you have identified that you need to make a change you will need to set up a system so that you can make the change successfully. The system that I use is three main parts. This includes a support system, a way of measuring the goal and what will be the reward when you have achieve the goal. The support system is the most important part, make this a priority when you make that decision.

I hope this helps you become better at managing time.

To your Success.

*I am not a medical doctor and do not claim to correct, cure, or otherwise treat depression. If you think you are depressed please seek medical attention immediately.

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