Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Plan Each Day

I have found that if I jump into my day without any planning I get to the end of the day not really accomplishing very much. Keeping yourself busy is not the same as accomplishing the goals you set for the day.  I recommend taking 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the day and planning out everything that you plan on addressing that day. Don't pack your day too full, otherwise you will have to move things to that next day and that is bad for your psyche.

The two tasks that are the most important in my day are planning and selecting goals.

The first thing that I do each day is plan my day. This allows me to integrate anything that is on my calendar that is time specific in to the tasks list so that is have everything in one place. This also gives me a handle on what needs to be done that day.

Once all my appointments have been integrated, I pick a few tasks that I need to do that are not yet on the list for today. This would come from other projects in my Asana list.

By planning each day you will be able to more effectively take on whatever life throws at you.

To your success.

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