Time Management Software

List Management

Asana (Recommended)- A web based list tool that allows for the collaboration as well as management of your own tasks, projects and assignment of them to team members or yourself. (What I use in my personal and professional life)
Remember the Milk - For managing tasks
Google Tasks - Part of Google calendar. Basic task list.


Evernote - Some use Evernote as a list management system, but I have found that it can get too big for my phone if I use it that. I do like evernote, but as an archiving system. It is indexed and searchable, and has a google plugin allowing you to search your archive from google.


Pomodoro Daisuki on Chrome - Helps you stay on task. Also allows you to acknowledge the tasks that have been completed in a day.


Clearly - Cleans up webpages. Filter out 90% of ads and cut the chaff and see the article you are reading.
Pocket - Save time by reading articles you want to read at an appropriate time.

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