Monday, August 12, 2013

Don't Control Time, Manage it

I have found that no matter how much I work to get better at time management I hit a wall and feel like I have everything under control. I also know that in the universe nothing is ever standing still.

 If you are not growing you are dying. So I push myself to try and revisit things I feel I have a good grasp on to see if any improvement can be made. I find if I don't push myself, life pushes back and I lose my footing. I found a great quote on this concept by Mario Andretti.
"If everything's under control, you're just not going fast enough!" -Mario Andretti

If you feel that all the articles I have written are worth while and you have all your time management under control, you probably need to go faster.

If you are still working on getting everything under control that is fine keep at it. Once you get there however, don't stop, keep pushing and you will achieve great things.

To your success.

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