Thursday, August 29, 2013

Create Time

I'm not referring to the becoming a time traveler. Or creating a device that can take you back in time,
although if you do we should talk. I am actually referring to creating time by making other parts of your life take less time or by not taking on another project.

Life is a very short journey. I understand that sometimes you need to pack as much in as possible, but sometimes you need to enjoy it. Do not start on a new project as soon so you complete the current
one take some time off. If it was a project that you have been working on for a year take 2-3 weeks off. The best average is 3% of the time put into the project.  If it is a month take a day before you start at it again.

The time off will allow you to be more focused and more effective when you come back. This will also prevent you from burning out on everything. On that note enjoy your Labor Day, don't work too hard.

To your Success

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