Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do You Use the 80/20 Rule of Time?

Time is the most valuable commodity on the planet.  I know there are people that would argue this but time is the one thing that you cannot make more of.  You can make more money, you can make relationships better, but you cannot make time.

I have found that as I get more efficient and better with the tasks I do the more I find myself wasting time.  I waste time because I know that I can quickly finish the task that needs to be done.  I know this is not the best way to handle myself but I know that human beings look for ways to be lazy.

I have found that as I start to master a task that needs to be done, if I give myself another thing to master the time that would be wasted is now being channeled towards a better end.  I have also discovered that if I don't set boundaries for when I will stop working I will not stop and this will lead to over working.  Over working is not good either, make sure you take time to rest.

Ultimately, the sweet spot is somewhere between, over working and being lazy.  I know that some people like to oscillate between these two extremes and that can work.  The issue with that approach is that it put additional stress on your body.  Each person has there own paradigm, so you will find what works for you.

I prefer to use the Vilfredo Pareto principle of 80/20.  The the 20% off of the lazy and 20% off of the over working we are left with the 60% that is in the middle. and this oscillation will serve much better in that we will never be near the point of collapse or the point of stagnation.

Getting started after a break is easier and break that is is easier.  This again is what I have found to be my sweet spot.  Please comment if this is the same sweet spot you use or if you have another method.

I hope this helps make you more effective and less stressed.  To your success.

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