Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take Time to Rest

I have found that after I have completed a goal that I am exhausted and in need of some much deserved rest. The issue now becomes how do I know when I have rested sufficiently, and not effect the rhythm that I have found.  Sometimes it is a week sometimes two.  It really depends but I have found that I can not trust my body to tell me because it will be glutinous.

I know that resting is required after preforming long sprints, but resting too little will make the next sprint take longer and be of lower quality.  However, if I take too much time off I will be slow and it willl take me some time to get back in to the flow of things.  So finding this sweet spot had been a goal of mine for sometime.

The formula that I have found really works for me is for every month that is dedicated to a given sprint (a chunk of work on a project that is complete and requires no additional attention after completion) a week should be taken for recovery.  All the normal everyday things will still be done to maintain, but nothing new.

This formula is specific to me, each individual is different and the recovery times will very.  Based on a variety of factor, including weight, diet, sleep habits, exercise regimen, and type of work that is being preformed.

When starting in to the new loop keep in mind that you should only be making one change.  Changing too many things at once will make the process chaotic.  Keep it limited to one new change, until you have achieved a system for that new element.

I hope this helps make you more effective.  To your success.

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