Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Use these 2 Tools

This week's post we will be discussing  more tools to use as part of managing time. The original post discussing tools can be found here. The tool that I use the most often and is available to any user that is able to read this post. This tool is the bookmark. I know that it seems like a basic tool that you may not have used in years. It may also be something that you use all the time.

I find that the bookmark is the most crucial tool, that probably gets the least amount of recognition. I use bookmarks often, and they have become extremely helpful during times that I am in an energy low as we discussed in a previous post. The biggest reason they help me in these lows is because having a bookmark allows me to get to a site with as little thought as possible. The use of bookmarks also help me waste little time. I have categorized my bookmarks into the projects I am currently working on and information that I access often.

Another very helpful tool is the use of Google Profiles,  I know that many of you may not be using Chrome, however if you do use google accounts these can be added to chrome so that you can compartmentalize your worlds.  I have one for work and one for play.  This allows for separation of work searches, docs, gmail and drive (at the time of this writing, Google Drive forces you to log out and log back in to access drive of a different account if you don't use profiles).  This also lets me keep my bookmarks associated with my work and personal browsers.

If you have any tools that you use, please share in the comments

I hope this has helped you.  Please leave your comments, and suggestions.

To your success

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