Monday, June 10, 2013

Are you Present?

Today in a meeting I was able to attend, I noticed something that has seemingly become acceptable.  I observed a colleague of mine, that was also in the meeting, spend the entire 30 minutes of the meeting on a laptop.  I understand that sometimes it is necessary because you are handling multiple projects, dealing with client et cetera.

I still think that if you have such a tight schedule that a 30 minute window for a meeting is so much of a stretch then one of these two things is true.

  1. You are taking on too many things.
  2. You are a micromanager and/or you do not trust your subordinates to do the right things.

If the latter is true, I won't be able to help you.  The main reason being, if you can't trust people that work for you, nothing I say in a blog will change that.  I assume that if you are reading this blog however you are the former and want to find ways to improve yourself.

Being present during a meeting is respectful, whether that is with a friend at a coffee shop, or a training that you are forced to attend.

I find that you will get more out of it when you are fully present than when you are only there partially between comments or facebook posts.

The best trick I have found is that if at a dinner if everyone puts there phon in the middle of the table.  Then the first person to look at their phone has to pay for the meal for everyone.

I hope these tips will assist you in becoming better.  To your success.

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